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"Here's What Our Customers Have To Say..."

I am an entrepreneur with many irons in the fire. To keep everything running smoothly, I work with four VAs who were trained by AssistU, and every one of them is terrific! I never thought that I could get the kind of support I receive from these women, without having to hire employees.  It's clear to me (having worked with so many) that AssistU trains VAs that are second to none.  And the referral process was terrific!  One of of my businesses is a customer care consulting firm.  I consult, train, coach, and speak around the world about creating relationships with customers and how those relationships impact a company's bottom line.  The way AssistU has trained the VAs I work with so that they can add terrific value to my life speaks to me about the fact that AssistU is really interested in the client's experience. 

-- David Goldsmith

AssistU has changed my business forever.  By partnering with one of their highly-trained virtual assistants, my business revenue increased by 40% while cutting my personal production time in half.  My Assist U virtual assistant is not only extremely professional and well qualified to serve my needs, she is a joy to work with!

-- Cheryl Richardson

AssistU rocks your world. They introduce you to a new way of learning, a new way of looking at the world, a new way of  working, and a new way of being. They introduce you to experts and provide access to people and tools it would take years to connect with (if you could even do it on your own!). AssistU gives you the information and helps you get the knowledge and experience you need to start *and* sustain your business. Your trainer, classmates and the community act as your anchor while you learn and grow. The Virtual Training Program is invaluable.

-- Amy Catherine McEwan, graduate and VA

Stacy Brice models success for us. Her coaching has made a huge impact on me. She has created a program that gives me tools and knowledge to support me in creating a successful business. In addition, she is never too busy to personally address any questions I might have. The VTP is worth every penny!

-- Shane Brodock, graduate and VA