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Company Name:

 Debt Shield

Contact Person:

 Gary Johnson


 9212 Berger Road, Suite 100



State / Country:


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 (888) 828-HOPE (4673)

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Debt Shield is a debt settlement company who offers consumers, who are experiencing financial hardship, a service by which Debt Shield negotiate the consumer’s unsecured debt with a creditor for a single lump sum payment of less than the full amount due.  Under the agreement between the consumer and Debt Shield, the consumer saves and sets aside funds with a third party who holds the funds in trust with a reputable national bank.  This trust account is under the sole control and dominion of the third party administrator and the consumer.  The consumer does not make a periodic payment directly to Debt Shield under any circumstances.

Once a consumer builds up sufficient funds in their trust account, Debt Shield presents the proposed settlement amount to the consumer.  If acceptable to the consumer, the consumer approves for the third-party administrator to pay the creditor the settled debt amount.  This process continues until all the debt, which consumer had requested Debt Shield to negotiate on his/her behalf, is settled.


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 Debt Shield