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"Here's What Our Customers Have To Say..."

April 02, 1998:

Dear Sir,

I recently had an apartment fire and lost all my books, one of which was "Investing In Wheat, Soybeans, Corn." I do get the Grains Newsletter, but I would like to get another copy of Mr. Grandmill's book. Can you be of assistance and tell me where I might be able to order it? Thank you for your assistance. P.S. I have already made some money in wheat this March due to the information provided in your newsletter!

Richard S. Gladstone -- OR

27 February 1998:

We have viewed your site and believe that we can help generate traffic to you...Please e-mail back to me your response at forward to a lasting new relationship.

Ira Epstain, President of Ira Epstein & Company Futures

February 15, 1998:

Dear Sir,

In May of 1997, I sent for your "12-Months Grains Trading" book which updates Wm. Grandmill's graphs, and "Grains Price Forecasting Is A Done Deal", the last works of Mr. Grandmill. I have found your new book to be excellent. The accuracy is uncanny and I have made some fantastic profits using the new graphs. I am also pleased with the "averaging" method used by Mr. Grandmill in "Let Uncle Sam Do Your Grain Forecasting". I combined the prices projected from the new charts with the averaging method and I have found the resulting averages uncanningly accurate. I am enclosing my "worksheet" that has been very helpful to me in "eyeballing" the prices I derive from the charts and averaging.I am enclosing a check to subscribe to Grains newsletter and the chart updates for wheat, beans and corn. Thank you for your consideration.

TWG -- San Diego, CA

Monday, February 23, 1998:

I really enjoy your site. I refer clients to it already and I'd like to do a link exchange.

TJJ -- President / Advantages In Options

26 February 1998 -- eZines Database:

You are welcome to publish this review, but please keep our name associated with it.

"A respected newsletter with a solid history and record of accuracy; it provides reliable grassroots information and resources that you need for smart and rewarding investments. Perhaps you could take a look at what their faithful readers have to say; you'll see why they're so devoted."

eZines Database, The Ultimate Magazine Database

3 March 1998:

My name is Andy A. and I am associated with A.J., an introducing futures broker for LIT First Options. I am seeking your permission to put your website as a link on our website"_____". I feel that our clients and visitors might possibly find your website informative and interesting. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Andrew A. A.J.T.C.

24 September 1997:

Dear Sir,

"Having purchased "Investing In Wheat, Soybeans, Corn", I was so impressed with what I read that I would like to take advantage of your two offers: "Grains Price Forecasting Is A Done Deal", & "12-Months Grains Trading". Enclosed is a cheque. Also would you sign me up for the Grains newsletter?"

Yours sincerely,
JB, Bonita -- CA

26 September 1997:

"Please change my mailing address to --. Enjoy the newsletter and have made money on wheat options already."

GE -- Henderson, NV

September 18, 1997

Dear Sirs,

"I have enjoyed being a Grains Newsletter subscriber for several years now. Your newsletter has gotten better each year. One thing I particularly like is the tables for Soybeans, Wheat and Corn that you include in the newsletter...I like the longer term approach to estimating prices. Additionally, the copy of "Grains Price Forecasting Is A Done Deal" which I purchased is great...Keep up the good work in the newsletter."

Thank you,
RWS -- Fredericksburg, VA

September 4, 1997

"Thanks! Have book ... am trading now. Wheat, bought 2 at 3.62 and 2 at 3.74. Holding for 4.20 ... Look forward to newsletter..."

AC -- San Francisco, CA

June 25, 1997

Dear Sir,

"Back in January 14, 1997, I received your Grains newsletter with Dr. Gould's picks of the "Grandmill Trade(s) Of The Month", and decided to re-read it today. Wow! Dr. Gould's picks for Wheat and Corn were right on!!

I am very impressed with Mr. William Grandmill's discoveries in the grains markets, and very curious to learn Dr. Gould's improvements on Mr. Grandmill's methods of successfully trading grains. Enclosed is a personal check...for the following books:

  • 1. "Grains Price Forecasting Is A Done Deal"...
  • 2. "12-Months Grains Trading".

Oscar de la F -- Harlingen, TX

P.S. Please put my name on your list of persons receiving Grains newsletter."

Tue, 29 Apr 1997 13:11:33:

"I first purchased the book Investing In Wheat, Soybeans, Corn in 1994. Trading the Grandmill method since early '95 has brought in a profit to date of 379% per year in wheat, and 84% per year in corn (original capital of less than $2000). I have modified the graphs somewhat to reflect current values and would like to receive information on this topic from the editor. I would like to receive pricing and more detailed information on the Grandmill method and also the current issue FREE of charge."



"Hi, my name is MB or B & B Futures & Options, Inc. We have a client who has been doing very well with your recommendations. We are interested in receiving a free copy of your newsletter...I believe many traders could possibly benefit from the study of your book. I know that my client has! Please respond,"


"Grains, based on William Grandmill's original. Now incorporates newly updated forecasting graphs. Combines coverage of fundamental information with application. (book publisher and distributor, newsletter publisher, electronic or fax information service, producer of a news service)."

Futures Magazine--Source Book 1997

"The kind of mistakes we love to make:"

Jan. 21, 1997

"I'm a newcomer to your newsletter and the information makes a lot of sense. After the Nov. issue, I bought 2 mini contracts of May soybeans and after the Jan. issue, cashed in one May soybeans to take a little profit. It is nice to be on the right side of the market. There is just one problem. The Jan. newsletter had the wrong zip code on it."

Steve B. -- Reynoldburg, OH

18 Jan. 1997

"Grains Newsletter: Thank you for your sample Nov. '96 Grains Newsletter. Having purchased and completed Bill Grandmill's "Investing In Wheat, Soybeans, Corn" (as per your recommendation), I have been not only duly impressed with the clear, concise presentation (Bill knew how to 'teach'), but I felt that somehow I was led to this information at this time. Being 63 yrs of age, & struggling to learn commodity trading, Bill's books are like a breath of fresh air. Please sign me up for the following, as per your offer, and check is enclosed...I surmise this may be the beginnings of an interesting and useful relationship."

RN -- Wappingers Falls, NY

"Thanks for the info. I really love your newsletter and all of Mr. Grandmill's and Dr. Gould's information. Keep up the great work. It's very much appreciated by me and I assume other traders as well."

Thanks again,
Nancy D. Maplewood -- MO

Dear Sir,

"I failed to send in for my Fall '95 newsletter which I now regret because of what has happened since then in the market. Please send me a Spring '96 newsletter and hopefully I will do a better job of marketing this coming year."

Dwayne A. -- Hull, IA

"Thanks for doing such a great job. Please renew for Spring '96."

Jim F. -- Crockett, CA

"I used to subscribe to the Grandmill grain letter & then it suddenly stopped. It was a very profitable service. Now I trade grains full time and use Grandmill methods to good advantage. Is he still alive? I don't have $1 U.S. handy, but I enclose some U.S. stamps. If I subscribe I will send you a bank draft."

Bill W. -- Ampang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Go get them -- sounds like you are Wm. Jr."

Good luck,
Col. Robert M. B. -- Wheaton, IL

January 31, 1995

"Are you an expert trader who intends to pick up the torch passed by William Grandmill? I'm interested! Send details. Sincerely, James D. W." Frederick, MD (February 11, 1995) "I am sending you my check now for two reasons: to encourage you in your enterprise, and to be sure I am on your subscriber list in case you later decide to limit the number of subscribers. I do hope you will be generous with the follow-up letters, because I found them to be helpful."

James D. W. -- Frederick, MD

"I am looking forward to receiving your first newsletter. In the interim, I bought Wm. Grandmill's book. For several years, I have traded based on technical analysis alone in the belief that there are too many variables in a fundamental approach for the average trader to handle. Now Mr. Grandmill's book offers a very refreshing alternative that seems to hold a lot of promise. I have to say that I am quite excited by Mr. Grandmill's approach. It seems so down to earth and practical."

John B. -- Mount Vernon, WA

"Enclosed is a check for a subscription to your newsletter GRAINS. When I purchased several books written by Mr. Grandmill from a publishing company, I was not aware that he published a newsletter. As a novice futures investor, I am very interested in learning more on how to use the fundamentals to be successful in the grain markets. As you can see, I am quite excited to find out about your newsletter and look forward to my first issue."

Gene S. -- Sherborn, MA

"I have read your newsletter for the first time and I am impressed with the contents. "

Siek T. H. -- Singapore

"I was a subscriber to William Grandmill's Grain Analyses of Wheat, Soybeans and Corn, and was advised by Windsor Books of Brightwaters, N.Y., that your firm is now offering the same grain analyses once offered by William Grandmill, using the methods found in Grandmill's book. Please give me details for participating in your reports."

Good luck,
Francis J.C -- Newark, CA

"Wm. Grandmill (1985) Ltd.,

I wrote to your address regarding the grain reports for this year which I obtained last year. Not having received a reply, I wrote again. I obtained the Pegram address from Windsor Books. I would appreciate receiving the Grains newsletter & look forward to hearing from you."

Clive L. -- Brentwood, Great Britain

"Please include me in the next edition of your Grains newsletter. Enclosed are U.S. dollars. Please send via fax and via air mail next edition and follow up letters, if any. Thank you."

Dr. Manfred W. -- Hamburg, Germany

"I have bought the book. I herewith send a cheque for one edition of Grains. Please sent me the above publication on receipt of the money by air mail. I appreciate the trouble you took in mailing it to me."

Ru Y. F. -- Kaohsiung, Taiwan R.O.C.

"The newsletter is just fine!"

J. K. -- Eudora, AR

"Please add us to your mailing list."

S. Trading Svc. -- Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

"The book is fascinating. If I'm too late for the Spring edition, let me know how much a copy is & I will pay for it."

Daniel S. -- Upper Marlboro, MD

"I've just read Grandmill's book and would like to implement his techniques."

Tom S. -- Evington, VA

"I have been reading Wm. Grandmill's book and have found it useful and illuminating. Enclosed please find payment for Grains."

G. M. -- Scarsdale, NY

"Please note the change of address as indicated above. The phone and fax numbers remain unchanged. Best wishes. PS 1: Interesting markets, aren't they? Confounds the heck out of me. But hanging in there and looking forward to each of your mailings. PS 2: Here's the check for the next year, top level."

Eric K. -- Suisse/Switzerland

"Here's my payment for Spring 1996. I can't find my ID # or a mailing label. I did not (unfortunately for me) get a Fall letter."

Mr. Lannie R. T. -- Las Cruces, NM

"Enclosed is my payment. Thanks much for all your "sharing".

God bless,
Jean M. Y. -- Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Editor:

"William Grandmill was the finest writer, student and interpreter of grains in my experience (I have all his books bought through Windsor Books). I was very sad to learn today from Merrie at Windsor Books that Mr. Grandmill had died. What a great loss! But it was encouraging to hear that you are publishing a newsletter based on Mr G's work and that I could receive a sample copy. Please send more."

Thanking you cordially,
Henry B. M. -- Norwalk, CT

Dear Sirs:

"Enclosed is a check in payment for your Spring and Fall of 1996 Grains letter. I have enjoyed reading Mr. Grandmill's book titled, "Investing In Wheat, Soybeans, Corn". I am impressed with the ability to "invest" rather than to trade the grain market. Trading commodities is much more cut-throat than gambling in Las Vegas! Your service should be helpful to me in selling the corn and soybeans grown on my farm. It should be very helpful in the current situation where demand is so great for these commodities."

Yours truly,
Edmund J. C. -- Peoria, IL

July 25, 1997 - Grains:

"Thanks for starting my subscription. I assume you received by check. The very first issue of Grains made three specific trades from which to choose. This is great! Last year you made a couple of spread trades which I believe worked out well. I would appreciate receiving more of these when you feel they are timely. It is a pleasure to be a member of your growing family."

Henry M. -- Norwalk, CT

Sept. 17, 1997

Dear Sir:

"I am a subscriber to Grains Newsletter. I just got my Sept. 97 issue on Sept. 16, 1997. Do you provide a fax service on the same day the USDA releases their reports? If so, please let me know the cost of providing fax service. The information you provide is very useful and am happy with it. Looking forward to hearing from you."

N.S.K -- Austell, GA


Dear Sir,

I am very pleased with your newsletter & will continue to subscribe as long as you are writing.

Thank you very much,
Ted C. Alhambra, CA

May 16, 1998:

Dear Sirs:

This letter is being sent to you to thank you for providing a very good market letter service...You really spoiled us when you decided to post your updates every other month on the Internet. It is really great to obtain this information the day of or the next day after the WASDE report when it is published on your web site ... Thanks for a fine service.

EJC ~ Peoria, IL