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"Testimonials From Our Visitors and Clients"

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"I would like to say that Freemoneyservices and Doug as the Owner have been fantastic to me. He has helped me Promote my Site, he has written to me just to say HI, and when ever there was a Question I had or a Comment I had he was there for me. His Website is instrumental in the Promoting of my own Site's and the success I am having and I would like to Thank Him for being one in a Million" :)

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"In a word..OUTSTANDING!! "ihelpyou" SERVICES has proven invaluable to me. Doug Heil takes the time to make sure that as an individual webmaster my needs are met. I don't get generic answers to my questions and my mail box isn't filled with a bunch of useless information. I can't think of any other site on the web that offers this degree of service. I can't thank you enough, you really put the "help" in "ihelpyou"!"

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"Your site is one of the best I've seen! It had almost everything I needed to promote my site, and when I let you know by e-mail what, in my opinion, was lacking, you immediately added it! You're great, and I appreciate you Doug! Keep up the excellent work!"

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"ihelpyou" SERVICES