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Company Name:

 MoneyPark, Inc.

Contact Person:

 Lane Martinsen


 PO Box 221741



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MoneyPark offers a revolutionary new approach to personal financial management, accelerated debt elimination, and wealth accumulation to individuals and families that are both cash positive and cash negative.

We define "cash positive" as a person that is able to pay at least their minimum monthly payments and can continue to do so, but they are sick of debt and are tired of paying interest and never seeing their balances go down.

We define "cash negative" as a person that has more month at the end of their money and unable to pay all of their monthly minimum payments.

MoneyPark® Asset Builder Program

  • MoneyPark's Asset Builder Program for cash positive clients enables individuals and families to get completely out of debt in as little as 5 to 10 years including ALL of their Debt. House, Cars, credit cards, student loans, everything, without paying any more than they are currently paying! Typically saving them between $50,000 to $160,000 or more in interest expenses.
  • We take care of everything for you. Our Account Managers will receive and pay the bills for your clients and will eliminate their debts in the fastest time possible. The time and money from interest they will save will far outweigh the cost of this ABP service.
  • We will communicate with your clients as needed. They will also be able to login at any time (24/7) to see reports of their current status.
  • Until now, only the wealthy have had the luxury of having professionals pay their bills and manage their money. Professional financial management has never been so convenient and so affordable.



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 MoneyPark, Inc.