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Rajon Enterprises USA UK & NZ

"Read What Our Customers Have To Say About Us ..."

I love your Crop Circle Explorer web site. Thank you for providing it. Please put me on your e-mail list so I will receive the updates.

I would like to receive updates via email. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Luke Dekker ~ USA

Thank you very very much for Location of Nan Matol, for me it's very very very important. Why don't we organize travels there? I believe that could be something ORIGINAL, something that only your organization can offer.

Cristina Bonizzoni ~ Italy

To any people involved with the spiritual path I can recommend Dr Jonathan & Rachel Sherwood's Great Pyramid Initiation as I have completed the journey. The organization of such a major task was handled very well. From pick up at the airport every detail was attended to and people's special needs were accommodated. Dr Sherwood arranged access to temples for the Initiation that were not available to other tour groups which is a sign of the respect shown to him by the Egyptians. Be aware that you will not be led by the hand through the Initiation, but the relevant information you need to follow your pathway will be given to you. If you feel drawn to this Initiation you will not need anybody to hold your hand. The ceremonies at each temple were completed by Zarlen. I could go on and on, this Initiation has had a major impact on my life.

Thank you,

Jonathan & Rachel ~ Ashley, NZ

I want to let you know how much I enjoyed the tour of Egypt, it was a special experience for me. I'm looking forward to going on other tours with you - I would very much like to see Crop Circles.

Erika ~ USA

Thank you both for an incredible experience - The Initiates Path Tour 1996 in Egypt. I have so many memories of the trip, but the ones that stand out particularly are the temples; both being able to visit some that are normally closed and going into others early in the morning before the crowds and also being able to stand between the paws of the Sphinx - an incredible feeling. The ceremony in the Great Pyramid was so powerful it is difficult to describe to others the energy present and how one feels. The Egyptian people are so friendly too and this together with all of your hard work helped to create a very special journey that will stay with me for a long time to come. Thank you both once again and good luck with your trips in 1997 and beyond.

Yvonne Hall ~ UK

How can I put into words the "Egypt Experience" in 1996? Firstly, and most importantly, a very big THANK YOU to the two of you ( and medhat in Egypt) for all that you did for and on behalf of us. I have returned home with so many happy memories of interesting, illuminating and enjoyable experiences in a country where it is so apparent that the people have so much love and joy in their hearts. This for me was a real healing experience. Without doubt, your research into the Path of the Initiates, and the teaching of how to follow the Path whilst leaving each person to discover for themselves the actual pathway (important) and, possibly, the unspoken suggestion that there may be further pathways following on from the highlighted one (very important), meant that I was given the maximum opportunity to experience for myself a message within each temple. I wish you both a very happy, prosperous and successful 1997 and I really hope that I shall have the opportunity to accompany you on some more of your journeys.

Philip Warren ~ UK