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02/10/2000 ~ Northrop Grumman

Wow! Awesome piece of software. I used the demo to import a CGM plot file created in CATIA and then export a DXF file for our customer. The DXF file came out 100 times larger than the original CATIA plot size, the viewing size not file size. Do you know how to control this?

Scott - Aerospace Engineer

01/11/2000 ~

Hi Frank,

Thanks a lot for your help: I had to view some rtl files before printing with ArcView GIS software, to understand if the files were damaged or integer. With your help I succeded in it.

Paolo Lazzaro

04/23/1999 ~ BHP Coal P/L Queensland Operations


I have seen the Demo version of the program and was most impressed.


03/25/1999 ~ Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs Innovations

Mr Torzinski:

I have been demonstrating your WPM32 product to users here, and the response has been very good.

Steve Rice

03/26/1999 ~ Scandiaconsult Stockholm

Hi Frank

I tried to read a plotfile made for an OCE-plotter, and it worked !! Great !! Are you supporting this format ?


01/29/1999 ~ Black Mountain Digital Grafik


Your software wpm32.exe seems to be the one I have been searching for!

Kindest regards,
Stefan Haglund

09/04/1998 ~ Hewlett-Packard Company

Sir’s: I am interested in ... your 32 bit HPGL viewer. I have tried the demo and find it works very well. Thanks for the very fine program.

Steve Hagemann

07/07/1998 ~ Salem Communcations Corporation

For 4 years I have searched for a utility like yours that could faithfully convert HPGL files into something I could use in Windows.