A Clayton's Secretary

"Read What Our Customers Have To Say About Us ..."

"We think you're great - way beyond secretary!"

Gloria Knight
The CEO Circle

"Kathie, thanks very much. I have been really pleased with your work and help."

Kerry Larkan
Kerry Larkan & Associates

"Have I told you lately that I admire your problem-solving ability?"

Aura Levin
Painless Public Speaking

"It was delightful meeting you.....Best of luck in your exciting new business."

Michael Gerber
The E-Myth Academy

"We have greatly appreciated your help over the past month and the excellent service you have provided for us.  Thank you so much. Warmest regards."

Gloria Knight
The CEO Circle

"Thank you for the good work. I appreciate what you do."

Gerry Cooney
G.J. Cooney Consultancy Services Limited

"Thank you for the great job at Email." 

Felicity Roles
Premium Personnel

"You're a Wiz!." 

Valda Bawden
City of Glen Eira

Business Wise
The Official Magazine of HomeBiz Connections ~ Australia

Yet another home business started through choice, not necessity.  Kathie Thomas’ secretarial support service has gone from strength to strength. Strongly goal-oriented she says:  “A road map is no good to you, if you don’t know where you’re going.” And her business stands testimony to that. 

An award winning secretary, she is: “... the secretary you need when you haven’t got a secretary.”  She is definitely a computer buff, laps up technology and has established ‘The Internet Home-Based Secretaries Network’, with members so far in South Australia, New South Wales and throughout Victoria.  She aims to have members registered in all states of Australia, with possible connections overseas in the near future. Not only does she service clients through the Internet, she matches clients to secretaries within their areas.

Kathie’s first objective was to build her client base so she could work full-time at home, so she could be there for her family.  Having achieved that, the next step was to establish the network.  Alongside of this, she has been building another business with her husband, thereby bringing him home also.  That was achieved last October.  Now she aims to reduce her own hours to work on her expanding network service.  Given that, as a veteran networker, she has no problem finding clients, it will soon be time to set another goal.

A Clayton's Secretary


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