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Comments from our Netcheck Members


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for assisting me with my recent Copyright Dispute. As you are aware, one of my competitors appropriated my logo from my page for use on their home page. This, I feel, was a deliberate attempt to confuse consumers. Within twenty four hours of contacting Netcheck, the efforts of your firm had resulted in a resolution of this dispute.

During my two year membership in Netcheck, I have experienced first hand the positive effects of membership on traffic to my site and increased consumer confidence. This, however, was the first time that I had to avail myself of your services as a "consumer" and I now can personally attest to the fact that your service is unparralled. Without your service, this dispute could only have been solved through the traditional efforts of the legal system at a substantial investment in attorneys fees and my time. Again, thank you for your excellent service!"

"The Netcheck Commerce Bureau is staffed by real people who understand your requests and go out of their way to accommodate their members. We are very well pleased with the service they perform for us and recommend them to anyone trying to establish themselves as a business on the Internet."

"Many THANKS for taking care of [updates to our Company Profile Page] for us so QUICKLY!"

"Just a quick comment on your service: FANTASTIC! Improved the hits to my site tremendously!"

"I would like you to know that I am very happy being a Netcheck Member, I've gotten several hits on my page because of my name being in Netcheck."

"Thanks for your introduction message on Netcheck, we are happy to be Members and we have noticed a jump in our hits since our page went live on your server. Thank you."

"Thank you for the information. I'm not only a seller on the web, I am also a consumer and am glad that you are here for all of us. We all have the right to inquire about a service, a product, anything of value that we are purchasing to know that the people we are buying from are licensed, honest  dependable  businesses, your service can only reinforce and help people and firms make up their minds in buying from a vendor or not."

"Thank you for All Your Efforts, in getting back my payment of $65.00 from [Company] after 2 months of waiting for a product that was never shipped. This only proves that Netcheck works, and is a deciding factor that everyone should be a part of on the Internet, because the emails that were sent to [Company] were effective and a deciding factor in getting my money back, whether it is a small sum or substantial, Netcheck got involved and this makes all the difference in the world, thanks again for all you help. "

"I am very impressed with the services that Netcheck provides its members. I am very proud to be associated with Netcheck. Thank you for your advice and continued support."

"Thanks for your prompt reply - terrific service!!!"

"We've come a long way from our beginnings as a start-up on-line aerospace investment newsletter publication to a world leader in providing consulting and market forecast analysis of the aerospace, air transportation and energy industries to government agencies, finacial institusions, investment firms and private individuals around the globe. This pioneering effort required a level of consumer trust and confidence that far exceeds many of today's business ventures. The Necheck Commerce Bureau was instrumental in providing our Company with a level of notariaty and credibility that has placed us among the most sought after market information sources in our field."

"We have a wonderful new client from this listing. Thanks for providing this service."

"What amazingly good service. Thank you very much indeed. Impeccable & excellent service, yet again. Many thanks"

"Thanks for providing such fine service!"

"Thank you again for your prompt assistance and service! Thank you for confirming this transaction--A OK! I have accounted for check in my register, AND I very much appreciate you working with me to permit me to finish paying for my membership. I also wish to express my appreciation for the service you provide. Becoming a member of Netcheck was one of the most intelligent, business-wise decisions I could make! It feels good as a business person to be affiliated with an organization, world-wide, which is promoting ethical practices and integrity on the internet market. Additionally, so many customers have told me, we found you via Netcheck -- so even when listings with search engines were not up to snuff, Netcheck nevertheless kept my name alive and well on the internet. Lastly, your staff is par excellance! Very helpful, friendly, going overboard to keep your members happy and informed. Forgive me for going on and on--but I am quite grateful for your services and your kind assistance."

"I feel that this is a very valuable asset to my company as well as the rest of the Internet community. Continue the good work."

"I'm glad to see that someone is helping to assure surfers and potential customers that some of us care about conducting moral and ethical business across this new medium called the "World Wide Web". I emailed with a customer this past week who said they checked on us through your pages before calling our firm. That really made me feel like the money spent subscribing to your service is paying off. Keep up the good work! -- Cheers"

"Netcheck played a part in our growth.  We have had several folks comment that they looked us up through your directory services -- we wear your logo proudly on our Affiliations page. Thank you for being a company who thinks of the little guys, and not just the industry giants, as so many are prone to do. Keep up the good work!

"Thank you for the E-Mail report. I had no idea your service was available. I too agree with your mission statement and purpose. As of now I will apply for membership, probably tonight or later this afternoon. We would be pleased to be a part of the Netcheck membership."

"We very much appreciate the information, and your service. We are true believers in an informed public and would welcome any questions or inquiries. We respect what you do for our industry and will support you in any way we can."

"Thank You so much for your reply. Thank you for your patience! I had tried to join another "Ethical business on the 'net organization" and they made me feel like a criminal because I couldn't pay my dues (They accused me of stalling for time, and even gave me a bad rating on their list!) They were very snooty. My husband had just gotten out of the hospital -- oh joy, another bill -- when I got their "nice" little email, and they had me crying for days. Thank you again for your understanding and patience!"

"Thank you -- I congratulate you on your quick reply and a very clear and responsive answers. If I were rating you I'd give you an "A". Thank you for the information."

"First however I must say that this is a great service. So nice it is for people to be able to check up on a company through a third party for an unbias review. .... You seem to be providing a much needed service. Good job. ..... Thank you for your rapid reply. It's so nice to experience that speed of service."

"I had no idea that this site/concept existed. I immediately applied for Membership (just finished). A business is a consumer also. What a wonderful concept. Thanks so much."

"The service that you provide is a indispenable tool that every industry should provide. I will sign on to your service."

"I'd like to thank you for introducing me to your service - I had no idea that such a service existed. I'm really thrilled to hear that there is a company providing security to the online consumer, as well as the vendors."

 " I wanted to let you know that thanks to your prompt response, I have salvaged the relationship with my dissatisfied customer. My customer's trust has been restored and we are well-pleased with your efforts and intervention on our part.  It is our opinion that your membership fee is by far the best money we've invested in attempting to develop a customer base and establishing ourselves as a reputable business enterprise. Thanks again and we wish you continued success."

"I signed up for a Netcheck Membership today because I feel that it is of the utmost importance for companies doing business on line to establish real credibility. I see Netcheck as an excellent means towards that goal."

"You guys run one of the most generous and understanding services for business and consumers I have come across anywhere. Netcheck is an important and valuable service, so keep up the great work!"

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