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"Here's What Our Customers Have To Say..."

Pastor's Son

Nine-year-old boy composes Song after First Lesson! Father, (Rev. Maffey) both thrilled and amazed at son's progress!

Gospel Pianist/Organist

Dear Mrs. Shumate,

I received the Gospel hymnbook. I went through it just listening to the tape. Now I am going to start practicing the songs and arrangements. They sound marvelous! I also have the Gospel Variety Book to practice, so I have an assortment of wonderful songs to play. I am ecstatic! I plan to order the Traditional Gospel Classics Book and the Praise and Worship books next. Can you tell me a little about these two books? Also, have you ever played or sang "I Don't Feel No Ways Tired" or "Everybody Ought to Praise His Name"? I love your books. They are so helpful and I learn so much in these glorious musical treasures of yours! Thank you ten-fold! I truly adore the verses that compliment the song on the top of the page! I can't say "thanks!" enough to you because one hundred times still would not be adequate thanks! I will be a true and faithful customer and friend of yours forever. God has truly blessed me with your friendship and I must remember to thank him for you. God Bless You!

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you...I have you in my heart. Phillipians 1:3,7

Ronald T. Morrison ~ Kenbridge, VA

Music Teacher

This is a very good course, and I highly recommend it to others! I have a music student who hates to read music written on the staff, plus he has a great ear. I showed him how to use your method. He is really doing well. I always played by notes for notes until I started getting your books. I wish someone had told me about this method before now. People would always tell me my music was too stiff (smile). The tape helps you to develop a black style of playing. They have really helped me turn my music around.

Betty Jackson ~ Fayette, MS

Church Musician

I am very excited about your piano course! Since I have been studying your gospel music books, I am making great progress, and I am on the road to becoming a much better church pianist.

Willy Miller ~ Ogden, Utah

Choir Musician

The traditional gospel music book and the contemporary mail order were just what I needed!

C. Proctor ~ Gaithersburg, MD

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