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  • Company Name: Rendaco Distributors (DBA WholeSale-Mart)
  • Contact Person: Gaspare Renda
  • Address: 833 Worchester Ct.
  • City, State, Zip: Birmingham AL 35235
  • Phone: 205 856-9070
  • Email: 205 856-9070
  • Net Address:
  • Year Established: 2000
  • Member of Netcheck since: 03/2001


WholeSale-Mart offers a wide variety of general merchandise to the consumer at wholesale prices. We offer apparel, electronics, gift ideas, hardware, health & beauty aids, home & garden items, jewelry, office & travel related items, sporting goods, toys and more! Most of our products are quality imports, but we also offer many name brand items as well.

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Rendaco Distributors (DBA WholeSale-Mart)

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