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Thank You, I have to say what your products do for skin Care Is Something I just can not explain. Being an Eighteen year old High School Student I just have to say I could make a Fortune Marketing your products at School(Ex. Wondergel). Pierre Chenxu products work in ways that make my friend ask "WHERE DID YOU GET THIS...AND HOW MUCH IS IT." My Skin Has never felt so Good and That I Can say only One week of using you product...Finally I found a solution that work not only for me but also for my Friend who are very eager to Try. I Would Also like Some INFO on Becoming An "Associate" of Pierre Chenxu. I like to Try marketing your product down here if that is possible. Thank You Pierre Chenxu,

Sean Fenety - New Brunswick, Canada

Your Products are the ONLY products I will let touch my skin!! I have NEVER found quality this good. You are the only skincare company that has the confidence to give a 100% money back guarantee. I tell everyone to try your products. I give Pierre Chenxu a 10!!

Willie Harris Jr. - Okinawa, Japan

Your skincare product is the best I have tried so far. It makes my skin better the moment I used it. I like the fact that it is made only of natural ingredients. I know your product is good, then you don't have to worry about dissatisfied customers. I would definitely give it [Wondergel] a 10.

Maria Rowene Gavino - San Francisco, CA.

My wife likes it [Wondergel] much better than a product called ******. She says your product removes the dead skin much better. Your money back guarantee is very good, although we have no plan to use it. Assuming ten is high, she rates it [Wondergel] 9.

Robert Gorden - Kanagawa-Ken, Japan

Your product [Wondergel] really works. I have tried numerous products that are on the market but had no luck in removing blackheads or whiteheads. Your money back guarantee is what made me try your product. I have been trying for years to get rid of the blackheads and whiteheads on my face. The professionals tell me that it is a part of aging and thinning of the skin and that I just have to live with it. Not so! Your product has saved my face. I have tried facials and numerous scrubs and washes with no luck. I was at the point that I was going to make an appointment with a dermatologist to get a peel. Now I don't need to. Your gel has done wonders and people comment on how clear and good my face looks now since using your product. I also like the personal attention I get from your company and the communication available from your staff. Thank you for caring and being interested in customers like you do.

Cheryl Lee - Norco, CA

The Wondergel is unlike anything else I've ever used. The money back guarantee gave me the confidence to buy the product which I otherwise might have lacked. Your customer service is excellent, as evidenced by this survey.

Name withheld by request

I like your products better than others because they are more specific for our needs. Also the ingredients are very efficient and many of them are natural. Customers will appreciate the guarantee. I think I have to order my facial skin products again… they are running out!!!

Sachiko - Studio City, CA

Excellent product [Wondergel] as compared to other skincare. Effectively removes blackheads. [Money back guarantee] a very good idea - it gives the consumer great confidence.

Angela Chan - Quebec, Canada

It [Wondergel] was really good. It controlled the oiliness of my skin and it worked the first time I tried it. Unlike other products where they tell you that you will break-out first then your skin will get used to the product. I rate it a 10!

Name withheld by request

I found Pierre Chenxu's product [Wondergel] to be the most effective product I've tried so far. I've been looking for something that would give the results that I needed and nothing compares to what your product did for me. Pierre Chenxu's money back guarantee gives you more confidence in the products. When you are offered a money back guarantee you know that what is being offered must be something good and it is. I am very happy with the friendly communication and honesty that I get from Pierre Chenxu, that really makes me feel comfortable and trusting in both the company and the products offered. I wouldn't change anything…Keep up the good work.

Shirley Scott - Ontario, Canada

Your Wondergel works very well, unlike other products which I have had no success with. Your product performed as claimed and I have noticed fewer blackheads on my skin since I have been using it. I have had no need to ask for my money back since your products have lived up to their claims and I guess that is why you have the confidence of giving a money back guarantee and it shows that you stand behind your product.

Frank Vidic - Ontario, Canada

You're the best I've tried. I think It's [money back guarantee] a great deal, if you don't like it you can get a refund. I would rate it [Wondergel] a 10.

Jared VanDoren - Linden, Virginia

Excellent, these products actually do what they claim to do. Many products make exaggerated and even false claims about their properties.

Name withheld by request

The 090 acne herbal cream was much better than an OTC product because it went on better and wasn't as drying. Important policy [Money back guarantee]. It builds confidence for your company. The products are in the higher price range, and this policy makes you more comfortable knowing that if you spend $40 and the product aggravates your skin you can return or exchange. The 090 anti-acne herbal cream I give a 10.

Avi Roitman - Ontario, Canada

They are the best I have used! I think the full money back guarantee shows that you stand behind your product 100%. Not every manufacturer is willing to do this.

Pamela Ramsey - Egg harbor Twp., NJ

I was using my friends and it's was working that was what amazed… It's amazing that no product does that…!

Misty - Anaheim, CA

I like the products and they work better than others. Very good and worth the price. Great product and I like how you guys take care of customers through e-mail correspondence. I will order again from your company since you provide good support and try to satisfy all your clients.

Name withheld by request

I like your products. My skin felt much smoother and cleaner after using your products. Full money back guarantee gave me the confidence to try your product.

Whitney Rainero - Bristol, Virginia

Your product [Wondergel] seemed to leave my skin feeling smooth and fresh. Other companies products like astringents and medicated washes left my pores feeling clogged. I think giving the customer a money back guarantee is very important in the business world. First off I do not think you ever had to give somebody back their money cause your products are not a hoax. It is very professional to offer a money back service, this gives the average person incentive to try your product. So far I give your product [Wondergel] 10+ really. I'm so glad I found you guys via the Internet.

William V. Gadek - Perth Amboy, NJ

I have not had a chance to try all the products. As far as the Wondergel goes, it is the best in the market that I have ever tried. I think this [Money back guarantee] is the best service. Because of this guarantee, I was not afraid to introduce this product to my friends and family.

Yen Tan - Houston, Texas

It [Wondergel] worked very well, did what it said it was going to do - quite frankly it delivered its promise. I came across some companies that did not do this [Money back guarantee] even though they claimed to have wonderful products that would not let the consumer down. So I was very mad that they would not back up these wonderful products with a guarantee when the results promised were not delivered.

Name withheld by request

Your product [Wondergel] out performed all the other products that I have used in the past. Your money back guarantee lets customers know how much you believe your products works.

Christine Paul - Madera, CA

They were much better than any other skin care product I have tried. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate >10. The products are great and are the only products that have helped improve my skin.

Name withheld by request

Very well, no products that i have tried helped to clear up my skin. So far your product is doing much better (I have only been using it for a week)

Name withheld by request

So far they have produced superb results in a short space of time. (Your) service was exceptional, the goods arrived quickly and safely, and they do what they say they do, no false promises. Wondergel is so easy to use.

Andrew Mcardell - Nr Petersfield, Hants, UK

Very well, I think that it has done its job better than any other product I have tried before.

Marc Argou - LA, CA

Great cleanser...it visibly works! it's interesting to see how the dirt and oil actually came off...however, it was a bit irritating at times...maybe my skin was sensitive to it !

Name withheld by request

They have been non greesy and i find them softening the skin on first application... i have not used them for too long...however, i feel the wondergel is excellent...pity it has a drying effect if used every day.....wondergel - is an excellent product but is there no way it can be adapted to be used everyday. (Wondergel is recommended for use only three times weekly by manufacturer)


The products have really helped my skin condition. I had been trying other products prior to this but they seem to make my condition worse:clogged pores and acne.

Veronica Medina - Denver, Colorado

Your products are excellent, the blackhead remover didn't actually remove physical blackheads from what I observed, but my daughters complexion did noticebly improve. Her skin smoothness was tremendously improved immediately after using it. One daughter has acne rather bad and it has shown improvement when used in conjunction with her internal medicine. (********). It is unlike anything available commercially in the US today that I can see. Redness from acne and other skin irritations are noticebly reduced or almost eliminated after using the product. I don't know how you do it. (Actually, Wondergel does remove blackheads physically, but gradually, and gently)

Name withheld by request

The best I have tried so far, it does what other only claim to. You product is great. I have only been using it for 3 weeks, but already I can tell a difference.

Curt W Caldwell - Murfreesboro, TN

Higher quality by far than other products I have used personally. I found the company to be very responsive and helpful. It gives me a great sense of security to know that there is a guarantee.

Tracey Fay - Redmond,, OR

It seemed to work better than any other products that I have tried.

Name withheld by request

I read the information on the internet site and was very impressed - you seem to really strive to uphold good quality and customer satisfaction. Although it is wonderful to have the comfort level of knowing the guarantee is there, I don't feel that I will ever have to use it, nor probally will anyone else. But it shows you stand by your products. I am finding that with regular use, the product is working very well and helping to clear out skin problems that I have had for 15 years. I would rate them [Wondergel] an 8.

Name withheld by request - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Much higher quality ingredients-delivered results that matched the claims, moreso than other products. On a scale of 1 to 10 > 8. The guarantee shows that Pierre stands by his products. It also lets the consumer have the freedom to make an investmenet and decide whether or not the products work for them.

Orna Rachovitsky - Jamaica Plain, MA

I have only used the Wondergel product. I am very pleased with its performance. On a scale of 1 to 10 Wondergel = 8. It's [Full Money Back Guarantee] a good idea, it adds a comfort level for mail order items.

D. Spreen - Plano, TX

Better than anything i have used in the past but i still cannot remove the deep seated blackheads fully, Any other suggestions would be appreciated. [Wondergel] 8 out of 10. [Full Money Back Guarantee] Very good but the product is quite good so i can't see you getting many returns.

Michael Herbert - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The only product from your line that I've tried is Wondergel. Wondergel is a unique product. It was a valuable addition to my skincare routine. I saw impressive changes in the appearance of my skin from the first use and continued to get good results. The product did not actually remove blackheads as I expected it to from your advertisement, but it did remove the dull layer f top skin so my face looked fresher and tighter. On a scale of 1 to 10 [Wondergel] = 9. [Well, Wondergel does remove blackheads gradually by dissolving them]

I suggest that your company develop an on-line questionaire to help customers discover their skin type. Then you could recommend products from your line based on the skin-type analysis. Your questionaire should also ask women whether they have certain specific skin problems - e.g. blackheads, dry patches - and recommend a product from your line specifically targeted to treat the problem. It would be nice if your company could talk about the special problems that women from different ethnic backgrounds face. [The company does provide an online program to allow customers to input their skin type and skin problems. The program then automatically matches a set of herbal skincare products unique to each customer. It is accessable at http://www.pierrechenxu.com/matret.htm]

The MoneyBack Guarantee encouraged me to at least try the product. I was very satisfied and immediately bought a few more bottles. Your company's response time was great. I was uncomfortable sending my credit information over the Internet so it was nice that your company had an option to pay by check. The instructions for use of your product was clear, detailed, and easy to understand. I also like the information that you provided on your Website about how the skin functions and how problems begin.

Name withheld by request - San Francisco, CA

I've only tried one other product similar to yours and I like yours the best. I am an esthetician. I enjoy using the product in my treatments, find the tube lasts a long time, and that the skin looks very clean, shiny and smooth afterwards. On a scale of 1 to 10 : 10

Miranda Wagner - San Rafael, CA

It's the best. On a scale of 1 - 10 = 10. I'm impressed after using your free sample of Wondergel Blackhead Remover.

Edna Salenga - FPO, AP

Pierre Chenxu's blackhead remover is the only product that worked! With Pierre Chenxu's money back guarantee you know that theres nothing to lose! I love everything about the blackhead remover. A very high quality product that truly works. 9 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Lauren Muneoka - Kaneohe, Hawaii

Pierre Chenxu is better than other skin care products I have tried. When I saw your full money back guarantee promise it really impressed me. On a scale of 1 to 10=8.

Name withheld by request - Coventry, Westmidlands, England


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