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Provident Financial Services, Inc.



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Curtis Wood


8641 Baypinr Rd. Suite 9



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October 8 2006



If you are looking to avoid bankruptcy and get out of debt Fast, Provident may have the answer for you. Many people turn to Provident’s Debt Help Program for a number of reasons: their payments have become too much and now they’re in over their head, a bunch of finance charges had stacked up making it virtually impossible to catch up again, or maybe they had been in an consumer credit counseling program and were spinning their wheels getting no where fast, or perhaps an event outside of their control had occurred rendering them helpless against their credit card accounts and collection efforts causing them to sink further and further into debt.

For those who are unable to continue monthly payments and think that bankruptcy is the only option, there is hope.

Provident’s Debt Help Program has helped many consumers just like yourself get out of debt and on the road to recovery, saving thousands of dollars in the process. By negotiating the principle balance our clients can get out of debt for as little as 40% of what they owe and save years of payments giving them the freedom to pursue their other financial goals.

There is no cost to find out more. Call (866) 430-2031 for a free 7 minute consultation to find out if the Debt Help Program is right for you. By reviewing your financial situation and hardship we then customize a plan to get you out of debt in as little as 24 months making one easy payment. And yes, we take over all collection efforts. You deal with us and we’ll deal with your creditors.



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Provident Financial Services, Inc.

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