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Company Information

  • Company Name: RIM-Arts Software
  • Contact Person: Tomohiro Norimatsu
  • Address: 102, 586-1, Higashi-Naganuma, Inagi
  • City, Country, Postal Code: Tokyo Japan 206
  • Phone: +81-423-79-2349
  • Fax: +81-423-79-2349
  • Email:
  • Net Address:
  • Member of Netcheck since: 1996

  • Description:

    RIM-Arts Software provides a highly- functional text editor for Windows 95/NT. It is highly evaluated so far by professional web authors, programmers, and people who have daily works with a large amount of text files.

    It is designed to offer all the features that you want and expect in a text editor with simplicity and ease of use. Plus, you can take the editor beyond text editing through extensive add-in capabilities. The add-ins for HTML editing and E-mail are currently available.

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    RIM-Arts Software

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