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Visit Haute Java Internet Cafe, a subsidiary of PixelQuest Inc.

Company Contact Information

Company Name:

Haute Java Internet Cafe, a subsidiary of PixelQuest Inc.

Contact Person:

Tim Pixley


20544 Bedford Road


Battle Creek

State / Country:








Net Address:

Email Address:

Year Established:


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Company Description

We are a small multimedia company that uses Haute Java
(our web site / "virtual cafe") to showcase our talents to prospective clients.

Our services include:

Multimedia greeting cards / disk-based marketing application / games. We are just beginning to post these on our site. The user can sample them via shockwave; if the user likes it, an executable copy can be downloaded. This will be free for now, but we plan to charge in the future for some stuff.

Creating customized multimedia clips (i.e. sounds, music, 3D graphics, animations) These are free and will probably stay so.

We also do Web Marketing Consulting, so we created a classifieds database at our web site to help businesses market their endeavors. Placing an ad into our search engine is free for now, but we plan to eventually charge a small monthly fee.

In late July / early August we will incorporate a program which enables the user to utilize an agent which searches the database to daily check for any new ads/URL postings that are entered into the search engine. If any ads are found that match the user's search criteria, the agent emails the results to that person; the user has the option of receiving regular mail or HTML.

We also are working on a way to market musicians and bands using RealAudio technology. We'll charge the talent to convert sample clips from their albums to RealAudio format so people can listen to them on demand without waiting for the clips to download on to their systems. This will be a free service to the listener. Should we get enough bands/acts, we'll create an interactive database where the user can enter keywords to retrieve clips and listen to them by category, etc.

In addition, we'll use the cafe format to create audio skits and interviews for our audience's enjoyment. We've mailed letters to celebrities asking them to send us pictures with a message saying "Good luck to the gang at the cafe". The typical response rate for mailings is around 5%; we achieved more than a 15% response rate (64 out of 402 letters) from people such as John Lucas, Gary Trudeau, Sharon Stone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Charles Grodin, Bruce Willis, Bob Hope, and many other famous people. You can examine our virtual "Wall Of Fame" at html or go to our homepage and find it from our menu.

We're basically an informal bunch of programmers / folks who are in business to inform and entertain people about how web and multimedia technology can be used to help them market their endeavors.


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VISIT Haute Java Internet Cafe,
a subsidiary of PixelQuest Inc.


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