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VISIT HeartStrings FiberArts and Gifts

"Here's What Our Customers Have To Say..."
A small sampling of the songs of praise for HeartStrings

Comments may have been edited for space constraints.

I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying my recent order. The lace needles are even more beautiful than the picture could possibly show; the lace scarf kit colors are even more exquisite than I thought; the patterns easy to follow; and the sheep pin, well, as a lover of sheepy things, what can I say? Thank you so much for getting this order to me so quickly. The items are wonderful and I will most certainly order again!

Zoraida V. in New York


I enjoy your website and especially the newsletters; I always feel like you're a close friend writing to me, you know, those special fiber-friends.

Karen T. in California

Jackie, thank you! I can't tell you how excited I am about the patterns and how eager I am to start working them! I just can't wait!


The pattern is wonderfully well written with all the detail I love to have and rarely get from a published pattern.

Carol G. in FL

Might I also say that your shawl patterns are masterpieces, and your patterns are a real inspiration to all of us ... go crazy whenever a shipment of your patterns arrive! [at our local yarn store] You're truly talented.

Linda P. in FL

Hi Jackie, I just had to write and say how very beautiful I think your work is. It's like eye candy. Sometimes I go to your web site just to look at all the pretty, pretty things. Thank you for sharing it. No reply needed, I just sometimes like to tell folks when something they've done awes me.


Thanks a bunch. We can't wait to let our customers see the cool stuff. I can't believe ... arrived so quickly.

Molehill Farms, owning partner

Thanks for being so responsive.

President of Patternworks

It's a real pleasure to deal with someone as helpful and kind as you.

Oregon Trails Natural Fibers, owning partner

Your patterns look great! ... It is nice to receive a personal e-mail.

Mosaic Yarns, shop owner

[with reference to patterns for garments] I showed the pattern to my LYS owner who immediately bowed down to kiss your feet. She loved that you spelled out in a block on the first page all the things the knitter would be doing. She says she spends so much time reading through patterns to answer questions like, "Will I have to pick up stitches" or "Is it knit in the round?"

Annie H. in Georgia

A thousand thank you's, Jackie!

Ann, owner of Elann

Many thanks for your very quick reply! We really appreciate your generosity in sharing your patterns.You are certainly a talented designer and I enjoy knitting your patterns.

Peggy G. in California

Thanks for your lovely email and all your answers... I received the patterns in the mail today, thank you , thank you. Now I don't know just what I will start first ... I do love the patterns, and thank you for getting them here so fast.

Mary M. in AL

I am merrily knitting away on the Ribbed Diamonds Man's Vest. What a marvelous pattern! Enough patterned knitting to be interesting, but such a well designed pattern that it can be carried around, too! I love how the pattern comes right up from the ribbing and how the V neck follows the Vs in the pattern. And I love that each pattern change has a 4 row repeat for mindless knitting. It's a joy to knit. Thank you so much.

Annie H. in Georgia

Subject: Happy Customer

I've just finished your Shetland Patterned Faroese Shawl and I wanted to say how happy I was with both the pattern and the result. The shawl is gorgeous in dark blue shetland jumper weight. The pattern was clear and easy to follow and the charts were very! easy to read. I've only been knitting for about a year and a half, but I had no difficulty following the instructions. In particular I liked the decrease chain stitch ... and the cast off which left a ! very flexible edge. It looked great with the slipped stitch selvage I used for the body of the shawl - like a single crochet around but without the bother. Thanks again.

Laura M. in Canada

I received the patterns I ordered and they are really wonderful. I started the Pendants shawl and it is gorgeous. The patterns are really clear and easy to follow. I also like the fact that the charts are all big and easy to read. Am enclosing a check and order for some more Glad I found you. Thanks.

Stephanie M. in NY

Hi Jackie--I have started your pendants shawl and it is a joy to knit from your excellent charts.

Dorothy in Illinois

I am almost finished with my first sock! It fits SO well and I dearly love the is just GRAND! ... It's just so beautifully engineered...wonderful.

Carol G. in FL

I just wanted to drop you a short note regarding the toe to cuff lace rib socks. I really enjoyed doing the pattern which I made out of a sort of tweedy Patons yarn. Your directions were so clear that it made those tricky little increases so easy. You sure can't tell that this sock was done in reverse. This was a fun sock to try.
Nancy W. in Wisconsin

A pattern I just bought "Toe to Cuff Lace Rib Socks" and the pattern is a dream to work.


Did you hear that the shawl I made (Cascading Hearts) won a blue ribbon at the State Fair? ... So, we did good.

Pam in Arkansas

Subject: Thank you

I finished my first toe to cuff sox on the bus ride to work today, sized for my three year old granddaughter. Teal blue soft and shiny - cute cute cute. I "had to" turn that heel over and over for a few days but every other step was easy-pleasy even the math! No more toe sewing for a while. For some reason I just cant get the kitchener stitch to work, but with this I can give my baby sox for every outfit.
Thanks again.
Marie in FL

Subject: love your patterns!

I am currently working on (and almost finished) the All-Over Lace Faroese Shawl in Slate Icelandic laceweight yarn. I have about 40 rows left, and I am enjoying knitting this so very much, I had to write to thank you for such a beautiful pattern. This shawl is an absolute delight to knit too, and thanks to you, I can read charts (my first attempt at this) without being scared to death about it :) Thanks again Jackie... I LOVE your work, and hope to be able to get more of your shawl patterns very soon.

Rosemary S.

Wow Jackie!! The Lace and Ribs sweater is just a knockout- Well done!!!

Happy knitting, Julie

Well, my FIRST Oak Leaf is done and I can already see that this is going to be an addictive pattern. Really, it is a very clever little piece of lace knitting and I enjoyed doing it very much. Thanks again for such a "neat" pattern.

Yours in knitting, Jennifer T. in Israel

I can see from the posting on your web site that you're on the road right now but I just wanted to say how much I really enjoy your web site. Keep up the good work and I'll enjoy visiting your site often.

Meg C. in Massachusetts

The pattern has been so easy to understand and follow ...It's amazing how difficult it is to proofread patterns, especially ones you've charted yourself. Yours are amazingly error-free.

Helen in Washington


VISIT HeartStrings FiberArts and Gifts



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