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Visit Interprise Security Group, Inc.

Company Information
  • Company Name: Interprise Security Group, Inc.
  • Contact Person: Stephen Zepp
  • Address: 7314 Carriage Creek Rd
  • City, State, Zip: Woodstock GA 30189
  • Phone: (877) 462-6306
  • Email:
  • Net Address:
  • Year Established: 1998
  • Member of Netcheck since: 6/2000

  • Description:

    Interprise Security Group focuses on providing electronic and physical security assessments, planning, and education for corporations with Internet connectivity. We also provide health care organizations the security industry knowledge needed to meet the proposed requirements of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

    We provide a large suite of security services, including:

  • Internet Presence Vulnerability Assessment--we simulate the goals and activities of the 5 most common types of Internet "hackers", and provide extensive recommendations to mitigate the organizations vulnerabilities.

  • Employee Vulnerability Assessment--"Disgruntled Employee Syndrome" can have devastating consequences to your organization. We will assess your network security from an insider's perspective, showing you how to maximize your security posture regarding trusted users.

  • Physical Intrusion Risk Assessment--Corporate Security must take into account the risks associated with physical access to your offices and network environment. We will demonstrate the ability of your current access control and policy based physical security methods, and recommend solutions to mitigate these risks.

  • Security Awareness Training--every employee, from the CEO to the front line workers needs to be aware of the risks, requirements, and solutions for a secure corporate environment. We have three levels of awareness training seminars tailored to meet your organization's training requirements.

  • The Roadmap to HIPAA Security Compliance--For health care organizations, costs and requirements associated with HIPAA may eclipse their Y2K efforts. We will assess your current posture in accordance with the proposed HIPAA regulations, and provide you with a Roadmap of solutions to meet your compliance needs.

  • StaySecure subscription service--Once you become secure, you need to stay that way. Exploits for commercial software, network hardware, and Internet services are published in the hacker underground everyday, and we maintain state of the art awareness of these vulnerabilities even before they go "public". Our StaySecure service periodically performs follow-up assessments of your network, and matches all results against a continuously updated wealth of exploit information, providing you with a means to Stay Secure for the life of your company.

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    Interprise Security Group, Inc.

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