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Company Name: IQ Transport
Contact Person: Scott Ayres
Address: 17117 Westheimer Rd PMB#5
City: Houston
State / Country: TX
Zip / Postal Code: 77407
Phone: 888-614-7447
Fax:: 888-713-0166
Net Address:
Email Address: Scott@iqtransport.COM
Year Established: 2009
Member Since: Ocober 19, 2009


At IQ Transport we understand you have a lot of choices. Any quick search on Google, Yahoo, MSN or now Bing will turn up thousands of results for companies jockeying for your business. We know that the transport of your car isn’t something you can trust just anyone with. At IQ Transport we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and will walk you through the process from start to finish.

The idea and thrust behind our company is that we will run our transport business with the utmost Integrity and Quality, thus the name IQ Transport was born. We are a transparent company and will always be upfront and honest with our customers, regardless if we gain their business or not.

What most companies won’t tell you is that we all use the same network of carriers to move your vehicle. The difference is in how we handle our customers and the carriers. Don’t be fooled by the claims of other companies that they have an exclusive network or that they own their own trucks, it simply isn’t true. About 99% of the companies you will find online don’t own a single truck. And that’s ok, that’s how the carriers prefer it. Most carriers only own 1-2 trucks and simply can’t handle the volume by themselves thus they need transport companies like IQ Transport to find loads. As a shipper you benefit in that you don’t have to wait for a full truck and in most cases will get your car moved within 1-5 days of placing your order.

We have worked in nearly every aspect of transport service including dealerships, military transfers, corporate relocation, online auction purchases and family moves. We can handle all of your transport needs.


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IQ Transport

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