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 Kee Nethery


 1442-A Walnut Street #392



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Company Description

When we started operations back in 1994 we chose the name Kagi which means key in Japanese. Why? For one, we liked how the word sounded and it was a twist on our founderís name, Kee Nethery. But the name was also synonymous with our goal. Our mission then and now is to be the "key" partner that helps sell the products manufactured by creative independent developers and the "key" for consumers to unlock innovative products they could never find in the mass market.

We are proud of our progress. Our online Internet store features products produced by more than 7,000 independent developers around the globe. Over 1.3 million consumers have purchased products at Kagi-making us one of the largest online Internet stores for the delivery of technology products.

Products sold on the Internet are revised and upgraded much more frequently than are products sold in physical stores. The Kagi store has been specifically designed to support this rapid Internet product revision cycle. Once Kagi has a working relationship with a product supplier, that supplier can within minutes quickly modify and upgrade the products they supply to Kagi to make sure that Kagi customers are purchasing the most recent product versions. By contrast, the product upgrade cycle in physical stores is measured in months, not minutes.

Kee Nethery, the companyís founder and the developer of most of Kagiís original store technology, leads the company as president and chief executive officer. Other key management members hail from Blyth Software and Sybase.


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