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 Michael S. Poles, CG, CM, RCI, DABFET, ACFE


 1202 Greenacre Avenue


 West Hollywood

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 323-874-8973  |  800-684-9100

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When You Litigate or Mediate Issues Involving ...

Construction Accidents, Americans With Disabilities Act, Building Code Compliance, Building Code Standards, Construction Administration, Construction Defects, Contract Compliance, Cost Estimating, Customs and Practice, Design and Implementation, Earthquake Hazard, Flooring and Floor Covering, Framing, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Quality of Workmanship, Real Estate, Reinforced Concrete, Reinforced Masonry, Roofing and Waterproofing, Safety and OSHA Standards, Scaffolding, Scheduling and Delays, Slips, Trips and Falls, Steps, Stairs and Railings, Standards of Care, Standards of Practice, Structural Failure, Structural Steel and Welding, Water Intrusion and Mold,  you owe it to your clients to . . . 

Discover how 40 years of  CONSTRUCTION  EXPERIENCE
can make all the difference for your case!

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  • Run our Slide Show Presentation, it tells it all in brief CLICK HERE.
  • Download our Slide Show Presentation, in Adobe™ PDF file format CLICK HERE.
  • For information about our Forensic Expert Witnesses and Litigation Support services, CLICK HERE.
  • For information about our Multimedia Trial Presentations (with eight [8] case examples and ten [10] multimedia presentations ["slide-shows"] recently used at arbitration and trial), CLICK HERE.
  • For information about our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) MEDIATION services, CLICK HERE.
  • For information about Michael S. Poles, GC, CM, RCI, DABFET, ACFE (Curriculum Vitae Adobe™ PDF file format), CLICK HERE.



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