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Company Contact Information

Company Name:

 Nestech Management Group, Inc.

Contact Person:

 Jeff A. Fortin


 21 West Alisal Street, Suite #104



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Company Description

NESTech Management Group, Inc.  is currently involved with several projects, we are involved in commercial real estate development, and land management. We have been retained by Nestech Management Group Land Holdings, LLC., to act as developer, project manager, and property manager for the The Boronda Development Project.

Our Development, Legal and Insurance  and construction professional advisory team:
Professional Development Team. On behalf of the Managing Director and Board for the Nestech LLC: Managing Director and The Board of Directors for the Nestech Inc: Board of Directors. we are accomplishing our business tasks.

On the construction side of our business the development will consist of 58 acres, bringing commercial, retail lease space, mixed-use retail/residential operations, single family homes, townhouses, and apartments. We anticipate breaking ground in early 2006. We anticipate breaking ground January 2006 in the development will consist of five buildings, mixed use residential and single family homes and an apartment building.

With that in mind, we are proposing a development which will utilize residential and commercial development which will accommodate the growing change in housing needs, and is planned to offer community services, retail opportunities, and is planned to utilize the land which will benefit the surrounding residents and meet future development objectives, to include extensive open-space for community well-being. Our development will bring affordable housing and commercial services to the greater Salinas area, which will include single family homes, townhouses and multi-use residential to include economic benefits including employment opportunities for residents in the community area.


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