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 Steve Albin


 PO Box 563


 N. Myrtle Beach

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Company Description

Your Complete Internet Pet Connection

Inside each of the 5 categories (Birds, Dogs, Cats, Horses and Fish), you will find not only the products and services available to those specific categories, but in addition, there will be a library (both general reference and very specific, including, but not limited to, all the latest research findings, as well as their practical applications), a directory (to include, ALL the breed clubs and ALL the varieties of clubs related to the breed(s), as well as rescue leagues, shelters, humane societies, search and rescue, Veterinarians and organizations, including legislation).

As a non-profit organization (501(c)3) we are able to offer the following: with a small Charitable Donation ($34.00 per year), you will receive the recognition and acknowledgement you deserve. You will receive up to a 75 word description of what you and/or your company (service,kennel, product, etc.) is about, plus we will Host or List your website if you would like. All this for one small Annual Donation!

All the gross profits (a major portion of the gross revenues) will be channeled and donated to:

  • A - Viable and important research for finding cures of inherited diseases and genetic defects in our pets.

  • B - Individual animal shelters, rescue leagues, therapy animals, riding for the handicapped, guide dog schools, search and rescue, and other organizations similar to these.

  • C- Individual animal welfare and humane societies.

Together, we Can make a difference !


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