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Promotion Ocean

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Ellen Young


PMB 468 P.O. Box 6800



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Cheques4U Check Printing Software Professional Version

You'll be able to print check from your customers ready to be deposited immediately. The information to print customers check comes to you by phone, fax, email, or a form on your website.

You then import it into the software.

And print out your customer's checks - ready for deposit. - It's that easy!

These checks' are called Bank Drafts - made legal over 10 years ago in the USA and recently in Canada.

You can also use this wonderful software to print blank checks or business checks for your own accounts so you don't have to buy blank checks. Also, you can print checks to pay bills when they're due. Just changte the amount and check number, and print them, and mail them. Easy!

Another great thing Cheques4U can do is print auto pay checks. You can do this for customers or to pay your own bill. Let me explain. These auto pay checks are copies of checks that were typed or imported to be auto pay checks or periodic repeating checks which usually repeat monthly. When you type or import a new check and designate it as auto pay, your're finished! The software will remember to print these checks at the proper time you designate. A great time saver too!

All you pay... is for the software (very affordable) and one to five cents a check for the check safety paper. No more paying monthly rates or percentages of each transaction. With Cheques 4U 100% profits go to you.

FREE with Purchase!

First, you are going to get a certificate, good for a free Dell Dimension L Series PC. Featuring: Intel Celeron 800MHz processor/ 10GB Ultra ATAT Hard Drive/ 15” (13.8”vis) Monitor/ 3.5” 1.44 MB diskette drive/ Intel 3D APG Graphics/ V.90 56K PCI DataFax Modem/ 64MB SDRAM/ QuietKey Keyboard/ 48X Max CD-Rom/ PC Speakers/ Dell Mouse.

Operating software included: Microsoft Windows Millenium Edition/ Microsoft Works Suite 2001 Works/ Norton Anti-Virus 2000/ With a 3-year limited warranty and 1 yr of on site service, plus service and support 24/7.

You’ll enjoy with your 3 year *contracted Earthlink service: Unlimited, fast Internet service / 24/7 tech support / 8 Reliable email accounts with anti-spam service plus Webmail / Instant messengering / Personal Start Page / Free Web browsers & Internet extras and more! Plus more with this FREE computer certificate! (You’ll get your free Dell computer certificate within 15 days from the time of purchase of Cheques4U)

*Requires 36 month Internet Service Agreement. Pay $29.95 per month plus applicable finance charge. Based on credit approval from SEM, Inc. or its third party lender, interest rate will vary upon receipt of properly completed certificate. Once approved for the monthly payment program you may prepay in whole or in part at any time without an early payment penalty.

Plus Your Own Complete E-Book Business!

Fast-Profits E-Book Collection It’s a BIG ebook overflowing with unique software, services and fast selling ebooks. Inside you’ll discover…

Software And Little Known Resources

  • 15MB Free Hosting with Absolutely NO Ads.
  • Domain Name Registration for as low as $6.95 p.a.
  • Your own hosting company for only $14.95/month.
  • 2 Free ebook compilers/builders with no restrictions!
  • Pay Nothing to Accept Credit Cards from your website in real time.
  • Huge 300MB hosting package with all the extras, get paid to refer others.
  • And much, much more!

Hot Selling ebooks including:

  • Self-publish At The Speed Of Thought value $55.00
  • Your ebook Daily Marketing Plan! value $9.97
  • A Cheap And Easy Guide To Self-Publishing ebooks value $22.95
  • EBay Marketing Secrets 2001 value $24.97
  • The Classified Ad Secrets 2001 value $24.97
  • Credit Secrets 2001 value $19.97
  • Wholesale Sources 2001 value $24.97
  • Plus more!

Also Included FREE:

The Ultimate eLibrary (containing 6,000+ Info Products) value $49.97 - Plus, You’ll Get 100% Resell Rights To These Fast-Selling Titles:

  • Living Off The Net value $39.95
  • Million Dollar Emails value $17.00
  • Autoresponder Magic value $17.00
  • The Internet Marketers Secret Guide value $19.97
  • Internet Cash Machines! value $14.97
  • Email Marketing Strategies Revealed value $49.95
  • The Complete eBay Auction Marketing E-Course value $9.95
  • Free Enzine Ad System value $29.95
  • Plus more!

Want Quality Info Products With 100% Give Away Rights? If So, You’ll Enjoy The Following Absolutely FREE!

  • 61 Sales-Boosting, Stealable Articles
  • How To Start Your Own Traffic Virus
  • 101 High Profit Businesses You Can Start Online For Little Or No Money
  • The Best Of Web Gold
  • Publishing With EbookoMatic
  • Online Stealth Marketing
  • Ebook Submitter
  • 7 Secrets To Unlimited Traffic
  • The Magic Story
  • Scientific Advertising
  • Magic Letters
  • Increase Auction Profits
  • Plus more!

With Your Certificate For A FREE Dell Computer And the Fast-Profits Ebook Collection With Resell Rights Plus Website - You Now Have A Home-Based Business Where YOU Can Start Making Money Today.




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Visit Promotion Ocean

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