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Company Name:

 Timeshare FSBO

Contact Person:

 Shawn McCarthy


 7121 Grand National Drive - Suite 105



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TIMESHARE FSBO is a For Sale / Rent cooperative advertising company that is not a real estate broker.  Our cooperative advertising program involves pooling advertising resources with those of other sellers/lessors to maximize exposure to potential buyers / renters of your vacation property.  We will use print, billboards, radio, television and other types of media to drive potential buyers/renters to our two different websites that advertise our client's timeshares worldwide, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Timeshare FSBO from our many years of experience and knowledge from being actively involved in the timeshare industry developed the TIMESHARE FOR SALE BY OWNER marketing program for owners to sell or rent their timeshare using our program.

Timeshare FSBO has three strategically located offices in the Central Florida Tourist-Business belt area, which is one of the largest resort areas in the world, and all are in prime tourist and business locations and open to the public to seek and attract walk-in-traffic.  The staffs at these offices are available to assist in the potential buyers/renters/sellers in finding a timeshare to buy/rent/sell.  Our offices are bonded and licensed by the State of Florida as well as our Ad Agents.  The offices also maintain the required city or county business licenses.


Our staff has over fifty years of combined experience, and with our unique locations in the Central Florida Tourist-Business area, Timeshare FSBO can offer you a unique opportunity to sell or rent your Timeshare.  In addition, we can save you time and money because there are no broker commissions to pay when your Timeshare is sold.


If you need the services of a title company we can even provide you with the names of licensed and bonded title companies to choose from.  The title company will perform all of the contract services, closing procedures and finally send you your money.  If financing is needed, the buyer will be directed to lenders who specialize in timeshare resale financing.  It's that easy! It will be all done for you.


You were told that Timeshare FSBO guarantees to advertise and market your timeshare until sold, but Timeshare FSBO will also refund your marketing fee if your resort sells your timeshare or any other company at the original non-negotiable price listed with our company with proof of sale.

Timeshare FSBO has used the latest technology and design in our internet web sites and, and continue to use IT expertise in search engine promotions, which bring thousands of people world-wide to these web sites.




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