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Visit Verigin Family Independent Cell Tech Distributors

Company Contact Information


Company Name:

Verigin Family Independent Cell Tech Distributors

Contact Person:

Paul A. Verigin


2315 Konkin Road Box 297


Grand Forks BC

State / Country:


Zip / Postal Code:

V0H 1H0





Net Address: (url)

Email Address:

Year Established:


Member Since:


Company Description

The Verigin Family -- Independent Cell Tech Distributors, represents five members of the Verigin Family ; Paul, Katherine, Marianne, Kathy and Larry. We are each an Independent Cell Tech Distributor located in different parts of North America, but sharing in the marketing function.

Our Mission is and the Cell Tech Vision is: "To make Super Blue GreenŽ Algae products available to everyone and to create a generation of leaders, guided by a global vision of health, environmental integrity, economic abundance and incredible quality of life for everyone".

We market Cell Tech "Super Blue GreenŽAlgae" products. Super Blue GreenŽAlgae is unique in all the world. Algae is the foundational nutrient source for creating and renewing all life on earth. Cell Tech products are born out of a simple philosophy: The human body is a marvellously designed entity with the ability to grow, regulate, repair and defend itself when provided with natural, high quality, full spectrum nutrition. At the base of the food chain, Super Blue GreenŽAlgae, is wild grown and harvested without harming the environment in any way. Super Blue GreenŽAlgae products allow your body to perform the way it was meant to - vibrant and energetic.


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Verigin Family Independent Cell Tech Distributors


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